“As a pro MMA fighter in the UFC, it’s important for me to eat the best foods to stay in top shape at all times. I’ve always been into a naturally healthy lifestyle, and in the last few years I’ve been becoming more and more organic raw vegan. Sunwarrior protein powder has been a daily regimen of mine and most of my family members for the past 2 years. In my opinion there’s nothing that compares to its taste & health benefits!”

~ Ken Stone (MMA Pro & UFC Contender)

“Sunwarrior is the first protein powder that I have ever subscribed to and suggested for the people I work with. Its benefits far outweigh the strength provoking and muscle building benefits, phyto-chemically. It helps to ward off many major diseases.”

~ Dr. Brian Clement (Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute)

“Sunwarrior products and building a healthy and strong raw body simply go hand in hand. I use Sunwarrior Raw Vegan Protein powder in my green smoothies after working out to give me the protein boost that I need to help rebuild my muscles and feel great. And Ormus Greens turns my regular blended green soups and smoothies into a probiotic masterpiece, nutritious, and taste great too!”

~ Philip McCluskey (Motivational Speaker & Author)

“Sunwarrior Protein has been a great addition to our healthy diet. Being a protein type, I found I needed more amino acids, but didn’t want to load up on egg, meat or whey protein. My wife Annmarie and I use the protein in our smoothies on a regular basis. We also recommend the Ormus Greens as a great tasting way to get whole food minerals that the body needs to stay alkaline and healthy. We are very careful about the products we recommend and Sunwarrior has gone beyond matching our high standards of quality.”

~ Kevin and Annmarie Gianni (The Renegade Health Show)

“I can’t say enough about how much we LOVE Ormus Greens. My wife loves the taste, our customers keep giving us testimonials about how this product has improved their health, and I simply LOVE feeling a natural high BUZZ when I take it!”

~ Matt Monarch (The Raw Food World)

“As a Yoga, teacher and trainer who’s been committed to both living our potential for health and happiness and the yogic value of ahimsa (doing as little harm as possible to other beings), I am thrilled with Sunwarrior the incredible quality protein that’s both raw and vegan. It’s an integral part of my daily life and our Vibrant Living Yoga teacher trainings.”

~ Daniel Aaron (Founder of Radiantly Alive)

“Sunwarrior protein is quite simply my no.1 option pre-workout and post-workout whatever training I’m engaging in. More importantly the hormonal consequences of consuming regular protein allows me to remain alert, avoid cravings, tap into my fat stores and maintain low body fat. Protein is critical for me and thanks to Sunwarrior I can rest assured I’m getting the cleanest, tastiest and best!”

~ Mike Nash (Author of Aggressive Health)

“As a health store owner and athlete, we are constantly looking for the world’s best supplements and will offer nothing less to our clients. We have been using and selling Sunwarrior products for over a year now and they are constantly our clients favorite products, especially the protein. The company and values they stand upon resonate throughout the product and show in the results. Thank you for the great products and all your contributions to our industry!”

~ Mat Robar (Founder of Holistik Health)

“Hi, I just tried your vanilla protein and love, love, love it!

Thank you for your consideration and for your wonderful products! “

~ Cheryl

“At first it took some cajoling to justify the cost, but Sunwarrior has literally become integral to my diet. I have noticed a significant change in the quality of my muscle tone and fibers and leanness when I eat it regularly. I find I can go longer without meat and still maintain virility. I now accept that the price of good health and confidence can not be named! I’m a SUNWARRIOR!””

~ Dana