Meet the Experts

Jasmine is certified in Plant Based Nutrition, she is a Plantbased Nutritional Promoter and International Gold-medal winning Bikini Athlete, who loves to encourage people to make positive lifestyle choices and move toward dynamic healthier living.

The birth of Jasmine’s son in 2012 marked the beginning of a journey that has lead her to a plantbased positive lifestyle, and as a result she lost 30kgs. She has evolved into a Plantbased Bikini Athlete, who lives on an 80% raw nutritional plan for optimal health: perfect for body balance, healing and repairing during training. Each competition Jasmine is “walking the talk”, campaigning to promote organic, plantbased, cruelty-free, sustainable living.

Research shows that raw live foods in their natural un-tampered state are dense with micronutrients and enzymes, enabling natural healing & cleansing. Uncooked foods are exceptionally healthier on the digestive system and bodily functioning.

Jasmine is a wellness advocate for plantbased nutrition and animal rights and hopes to inspire and help educate others.