Meet the Experts

Abbie O'Rourke - Food Coach and Qualified Nutritionist

In 2009, the diagnosis of an underactive thyroid and a malfunctioning kidney set Abbie on a determined journey to uncover just what burning the candle at both ends had done to her body. What began as simply experiencing first-hand how balanced nutrition and behaviours can offer a better quality of life, developed into a relentless dedication to nutritional science. So much so that she returned to New Zealand from overseas to complete a Graduate Diploma in Science majoring in Human Nutrition and has never looked back!

Abbie sees nutrition as more than just food. It is maintaining balance across all areas of life to ensure that your body is functioning optimally. Abbie’s passion is to help the wonderful humans of the world achieve a feeling of vitality and reach their individual goals which means creating healthy lifestyle habits in an enjoyable and practical way. It’s true – most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.

Abbie works one-on-one with clients and is also available for educational group seminars.

Instagram account: @abbie_feelfreshnutrition